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Top Gaming Keyboards Compared: Find the Best Kit to Complete Your Rig

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a gaming keyboard, either to play games or just to enjoy that inimitable mechanical feel, then why not consult our list of the best gaming keyboards available to buy right now.

Why do you need a gaming keyboard? All of our favourite models use mechanical switches, which offer a fast feel with deeper action and more feedback than, for example, a laptop keyboard. This style is also great for typing, so a gaming keyboard can be your only keyboard. Gamer models also tend to have RGB lighting, and some also offer macro buttons, which you programme to get an edge in competitive titles. They don’t usually offer wireless, because a wired connection stops any micro-lag in your inputs. Convinced? Here’s our list of the best gaming keyboards.

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

This might be our absolute favourite gaming keyboard. The Razer Huntsman V2 Analog uses Razer’s own mechanical switches rather than industry standard Cherry models, but we think they are fantastic. They offer analogue, rather than digital, control, which can be a game-changer for inputs that are progressive, like car acceleration. The keyboard’s RGB glow looks great, its general design is not too “loud”. Its keys can be, though, as this is a proper mechanical keyboard. Includes a good hand rest.


  • Analogue switches will be a game-changer for some
  • Great-quality Razer switches
  • Crisp RGB lighting


  • The price makes it an enthusiast buy
  • Switches can get quite loud

Roccat Pyro

Check out the Roccat Pyro if you want a more affordable high-end gaming keyboard. Its main point of departure from keyboards twice the price is the use of TTC Red switches rather than Cherry ones. However, we think they are an excellent emulation of the real thing in terms of feel and responsiveness. You still get tough build quality, a palm rest and supplementary audio controls baked in. There’s no USB pass-through, though, which some may want.


  • Good value for a mechanical RGB keyboard
  • Responsive keys with plenty of feedback
  • Has additional media controls


  • No USB on the keyboard itself

Corsair K100

Will only the best do? The Corsair K100 has genuine Cherry mechanical switches and a dedicated row of macro buttons. This is a keyboard made for competitive gamers who will make use of its advanced features. There’s also a USB passthrough port on the back. It’s only a USB 2.0 connector, but that will do the trick for attaching a mouse, which we imagine is what it’ll be used for most of the time anyway.


  • High quality Cherry switches
  • Macro buttons
  • Striking RGB lighting


  • Added USB port is “only” USB 2.0

When you use one of our top gaming keyboards, you won’t get bored of the same thing day after day. They’re delightful to use, have low latency and snappy lighting so you’ll fall back in love with your gaming rig.





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