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Top iPad Chargers: Compare the fastest chargers for your tablet

Apple’s iPad tends to come with a 20W charger, but these tablets can benefit from a battery boost if you pick something more powerful. That’s why we’ve collated a list of the best chargers you can buy right now to keep your iPad charged to the max.

Your iPad likely didn’t come with a charger that will fill up its battery as quickly as the tech allows. This is why we recommend getting hold of a 30W PD charger if you use your iPad a lot. It will reduce charge times significantly, letting you spend less time tethered to a cable. You don’t even have to buy Apple’s own 30W charger either; here are our recommendations among the best iPad chargers.

Anker 30W Power IQ 3.0

Anker calls this a Power IQ adapter, but it supports the same USB-PD system used by new iPads and iPhones. Qualcomm Quick Charge is supported too, so it’s handy if you also own an Android phone. It can deliver 30W of power, just like Apple’s adapter, but costs less. You might not like seeing the Anker name on the side, but the savings are real here.


  • Excellent value
  • High-quality internals
  • Faster than bundled iPad chargers


  • Its appearance is not quite as classy as Apple’s charger

Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple released the 30W version of its USB-C power adapter in 2020. On the outside it is very similar to the older 20W plug, but simply provides more power to iPads. While not the most affordable option, this may be the right choice if you take great pride in your Apple devices and want to keep the look of your accessories consistent.


  • Apple-grade build quality and reliability
  • Made just for iPads, effectively


  • There are similar lower-cost alternatives

Amazon Basics 30W One-Port GaN USB-C Wall Charger

Amazon doesn’t miss a trick. You can buy a 30W PD charger from its Amazon Basics range, and it is significantly smaller than Apple’s own, which is handy. There’s also a blue LED on the back to let you know when it is operational.


  • Great value
  • Small and fairly light
  • Good-looking smooth curves


  • Doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge (but will still work with those devices)

Anker Power Bank PowerCore+ 26800 PD

How about a different approach entirely? Anker makes some awesome portable batteries that have high enough power delivery and capacity to make great iPad chargers. The Anker Power Bank PowerCore+ 26800 PD is our top pick. It has capacity of 26800mAh, enough for two charges of even the largest iPad Pro. This package also includes a 60W adapter, which you can use to fast-charge you iPad when at home.


  • Includes its own cabled fast charger
  • The battery can charge an iPad at full speed
  • Enough capacity for at least two iPad recharges


  • The battery is a little bulky

 When your iPad runs out of charge, you don’t want to be tethered to a wall all day long. But with our list of the best iPad chargers, you can find the perfect charger to significantly reduce that time. 





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