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Venom 2: Tom Hardy comes back with a bite

Tom Hardy will soon return as the chaotic antihero, as the trailer shows what we can expect from the sequel.

Venom, Spider-Man’s anti-hero counterpart, will soon be back on the big screen again with a sequel entitled Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and the trailer indicates that the movie really will live up to its billing in more ways than one.

Nobody would have accused Venom of being a subtle film; or at least not after the scene where the protagonist jumps into a lobster tank at a restaurant and starts tearing crustaceans apart with his hands and teeth.

But from what we’ve seen of the sequel in this brief clip, we could be in for even more madcap hijinks than ever before.

One of the first shots displays a cardboard sign reading “Rules: No Eating People” which frankly is good advice for anyone, but especially if you share your body with an unpredictable symbiote. Over an unconventional breakfast, the trailer goes on to show that journalist Eddie Brock now has established a more even-keeled understanding with Venom —  and that’s good news, because the duo are about to square up to a new adversary played by Woody Harrelson (who made a tantalising appearance at the end of the last film). At his execution by lethal injection, it seems he is instead infected with the same serum that created Venom, and chaos (or should that be Carnage?) is instantly unleashed.

While Venom split the critics, audiences were much fonder of it, and especially of Tom Hardy’s commanding central performance. Hopefully the sequel will win over both crowds, although fans are likely to be disappointed that the prospect of Venom joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains a very dim one, given the intense rights dispute with Sony over the Spider-Man character and his spin-offs.





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