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Vodafone launches new 5G TCL GigaCube capable of speeds up to 2.8Gbps

Vodafone has announced the introduction of the 5G TCL HH500V GigaCube, a mobile router that turns Vodafone’s 4G and 5G network into WiFi.

Vodafone has launched a new mobile router named the 5G TCL HH500V GigaCube that will be available to businesses and consumers and turns Vodafone’s 4G and 5G into WiFi as a flexible alternative to standard broadband.

For added convenience, the device is plug and play; it can be taken with you anywhere in the UK and can set up in minutes without the need for an engineer. This Gigacube is capable of connecting up to 64 devices at any one time, has a maximum range of 100 metres, and includes Wi-Fi 6 support, ensuring a speedier and more efficient internet connection; the maximum speed is in fact 2.8 Gbps.

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The GigaCube is particularly targeted to those who run a small business, have a second home or a home office, and it also could be convenient for businesses that don’t have a fixed location, or for families who are all working from home and need additional broadband support.

Along with this launch announcement, Vodafone revealed its best ever deal for the Gigacube; customers can have 50% off for six months on all 24-month GigaCube plans, saving up to £360. As part of the deal, customers will also get a 100GB extra data to use each month over the course of the 24-month duration of the contract. This promotion comes to an end on 29 November.


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