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Warner Bros submits Wonder Woman 1984 for Oscars consideration

Wonder Woman 1984 is under consideration for all eligible Academy Awards – but does it have a chance of winning? Or is that a task too far?

In a move that a generous soul would cautiously describe as “optimistic”, Warner Bros has put forth Wonder Woman 1984 under consideration for the Oscars this year in all available categories, including Best Picture, Best Director (for Patty Jenkins), Best Actor (for Gal Gadot), and Best Supporting Actor (for Chris Pine).

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Considering that superhero films generally struggle to gain recognition at the big industry award ceremonies, it’s unlikely that one which met with such relative ambivalence from audiences and critics will bring home any of the famous statuettes, but you’ve got to admire the confidence (which is almost as brassy as the veneer on little Oscar himself). 

Yet despite my misgivings, it was only last year that Joaquin Phoenix held aloft his first Academy Award for his performance in Joker (following in the footsteps of Heath Ledger who won posthumously for his interpretation of the same character in The Dark Knight), and the year before that saw Black Panther pick up a Best Picture nomination — so perhaps prospects are looking up for spandex-clad thespians. Could this glory have been the “next big thing” of which Gadot spoke in her latest cryptic tweet?

At the end of the day even if it doesn’t win Best Picture, that’s nothing to get upset about! After all, neither did Citizen Kane, and that’s a film that would have only been improved had Orson Welles worn a thigh-length pleated leather skirt and a form-fitting metal breastplate throughout.

So what do you think? Will Wonder Woman 1984 be garlanded with an Academy Award, or will it grouchily leave the Oscars empty-handed? Let us know what you reckon in the poll below.



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