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Weird Prime Day Deals: The strangest tech discounts you can get on Amazon

Amazon Prime Day brings about a bunch of juicy discounts, but some are afforded to downright outlandish products. We’ve gathered a few of our favourites for you to peruse and look at with mild bemusement.

Prime Day is a two-day event this year and that means even more time for you to find some great gadgets at great prices. On Amazon Prime Day, the discounts are plentiful and that means a lot of unique products get scooped up onto the reduced priced train.

From doggy cameras to seemingly redundant tech, we’ve compiled the weirdest Prime Day deals available right now. Read on for our five top picks.

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Furbo Dog Camera

Our top pick is this delightfully strange device. We understand the attractiveness of having an automatic treat machine for when you’ve left your dog scampering about by itself, but is the camera really necessary?

Dog-lovers may be aghast at the notion that it’s a tad weird to have a dedicated dog treat camera but, if you are really wanting to see how your dog is doing, just get a regular smart camera.

Sorry, we’ve neglected the weirdest bit as of yet. The Furbo Dog Camera is £129.99. If you see that price and want one then, by all means, go ahead. We shan’t stop you.

Tyhbelle BF Walkie Talkies

At #2 on Best Sellers for Radio Technology, this product has clearly caught the eye of some interesting consumers.

Our main question is: what year is it? Many of the reviews cite them as kids toys or a makeshift intercom system for the home. If you go onto Amazon (the home of several Echo deals) and choose this as your main form of home communication then that is quite the move.

To be fair, Tyhbelle BF Walkie Talkies are fairly cheap at £19.99 and could make a decent toy but surely kids these days have something better to do.

TEMINICE 4 in 1 Wireless Charger

Blame for the oddity of this next product should maybe be placed at the door of Apple, rather than Teminice itself. 

The first-generation Apple Pencil was the subject of many memes for the ability to charge it by directly plugging it into the bottom of the iPad. Frankly, it looked ridiculous. 

The £15.99 TEMINICE 4 in 1 Wireless Charger fully embraces this silliness and has a slot for charging that sees the pencil standing directly up – not as bad as the original charging method but it just brings back memories of Apple’s unique decision.

Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

We’re once again laying the weirdness blame at Apple’s door and this time it falls into the ‘almost annoying’ category, especially following recent iPhone 12 related announcements regarding ditching chargers and headphones in the box.

In the Amazon Best Sellers category for phones, the £8 Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter sits high up in the 25th spot – meaning Apple is still picking up that sweet dongle money for a problem it created.

Admittedly, the industry was set to move in this direction eventually but the fact that so many people are still buying these dongles shows why it’d be nice to still have the headphone jack around.

Wall Mount for Dot 3rd Generation

We can only think this product emerged before the launch of the Amazon Echo Flex, as it is rather pointless in light of that new device. However, consumers still appear to be buying this seemingly redundant piece of tech, with it sitting high on the best sellers list for its product category.

The main benefit of Wall Mount for Dot 3rd Generation is to obviously hide your Echo Dot 3rd Gen away a bit. Although, if you are doing that then you are surely not interested in the sound it produces, as the wall mount covers a fair bit of the Echo Dot’s speaker. At this point, it only makes sense to pick up an Echo Flex, or at least bring into question why you’d want to hang one of the smallest smart speakers around in the first place.


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