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What the Tech: Intel’s cringeworthy marketing ploy just proves the potential of the new MacBook Pro

Intel tried to pump up the profile of PCs with a tetchy tweet, but that just goes to show that Apple remains the one to beat.

Unless you’re attempting to single-handedly construct a new subterranean route to Australia, it’s generally good advice to stop digging when you find yourself at the bottom of a deep hole. It’s certainly the kind of advice that Intel should have heeded before happily shovelling itself deeper and deeper into a mine of misery with an ill-judged Twitter thread that took aim at their erstwhile partner, Apple.

In November 2020, Apple announced that it would start using its own silicon chips in its MacBooks, rather than relying on Intel as the brand had done for years prior. Nearly one year on from that announcement and there’s a new MacBook Pro expected to launch at the Apple Event scheduled for October 18, this time rumoured to boast the upgraded M1X processor.

How has Intel reacted to this anniversary? Judging from the recent tweet below, much like a bitter and drunken ex-boyfriend who would say that he’s better off now and that nobody even likes their former partner anyway.

While the brand presents a couple of decent arguments in favour of plumping for a PC rather than a Mac, including the former’s greater levels of customisation and a wider choice of video games to play on the platform, it seemingly ignores the rather obvious fact that Intel had evidently worked hand-in-hand with the Apple for decades to create the devices that it now apparently disavows with such disdain.

Then there’s the small issue of Twitter being one of the largest free forums on the internet, with all the restraint, tact, and decorum of a hyperactive toddler. It didn’t take long before the tech company was deluged with negative responses, and while some users seemed angry at the hardware manufacturing giant’s sheer gall, many just felt a great deal of second-hand embarrassment for its current position with regard to Apple.

Apple has moved on and is happy. The last iteration of the MacBook Air, the first laptop ever to run on the company’s own-brand silicon, was a huge success, and there’s already a great deal of excitement in the air for the new MacBook that’s expected to be announced early next week.

Why can’t Intel forgive and forget, and just focus on making its processors the best they can be rather than picking at old wounds? Who knows – if Intel makes a breakthrough and surges ahead of its competitors, maybe Apple will come crawling back asking to bring the old band back together again.





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