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What the Tech?: Xbox Series X Fridge meme is no longer cool

Welcome to our new weekly Recombu column “What the Tech?”, where one of our jolly yet cynical team members takes a look at something strange or interesting from the past week in tech. For our first swing of the “What the Tech?” hammer, I’ve got absolutely zero chill when it comes to the Xbox Series X Fridge.

Let me take you back: The Xbox Series X has just been revealed and witty analyst Daniel Ahmad compares the Xbox Series X to a “leak” of the PS5 design. 

The “leak” is a fridge and Ahmad had made a cutting joke about the fridginess of the Series X. It was a great time we had many laughs.

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Enhanced chuckles ensued when a news outlet picked up Ahmad’s cheekiness and reported it completely po-faced.

All throughout this blundering tale, the memes had taken hold with tweeters and redditors alike whacking an Xbox Series X-looking fridge into an array of images – which is also funny.

What isn’t funny is when dad comes along and turns your giggles into a thing… a dad thing. Enter an actual Xbox Series X Fridge *sigh*.

Now, more the fool us, because the warning signs were all there. Way back in March, Xbox’s 14.7 million follower strong Twitter account recognised the meme and cheerfully let us know that our silly memes weren’t true so we need not worry. 

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Of course, some other brands chimed in too. Look at this cracking bit of banter between Xbox and KFC Gaming. Just. Great. Banter.

Then, it happened. This past week, Xbox revealed the Xbox Series X Fridge –  a working fridge that you can indeed win and is complete with its own #XSXFridgeSweeps hashtag.

That’s it then. Jack has told the story of his tattoo, the cheerleader has been saved, Fonzie has got on the waterski and the shark has been well and truly jumped. The Xbox Series X fridge memes were pretty funny a year ago but now, the butt of the joke has clung on and corporatified it with grandeur and a social media competition.

Calming down for a moment, the idea of a console-shaped working fridge is itself pretty cool – in a vacuum. Such a glimmer of hope was dashed and the dad joke transcended with one particular celebrity endorsement – Snoop Dogg.

In the video, we get to see Snoop “Doggy” Dogg enjoying the Xbox Series X Fridge and he’s having a grand old time. Fair play. However, the Xbox Series X Fridge meme is no longer cool and that’s proven with the appearance of Snoop Dogg. A celebrity who is also no longer cool.


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