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WhatsApp could soon let you customise “Last Seen” status by each contact

If you’d like to police who can peek at your read receipts, there’s potentially some good news on the way from WhatsApp.

That ‘Last Seen’ time that pops up at the top of your WhatsApp messages is ideal for snoopers (i.e. all of us) taking a sneak peek to see when your friend was last on their phone. But for all sorts of reasons, you may prefer that people do not have access to this nosy feature, but right now your hands are tied: preferences on this tool are set uniformly, so you can either cancel them for all of your contacts or none of them.

However, it’s been reported that WhatsApp has got some updates in the works that might finally allow you to personalise their preferences for every one of your contacts, depending on whether you’d like them to see your ‘Last Seen’ times or not.

whatsapp last seen new feature

Image Credit: WaBetaInfo

WaBetInfo has published a screenshot of how the new feature would appear in practice in iOS (see above), although the source claims that it will be rolled out to Android devices as well.

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It still seems to be the early days of development for this feature, so we’re not to know for sure whether or not it will actually be realised or not, and certainly not the timescale of such an update, but it’s an interesting insight into the plans of the Facebook-owned messaging service nonetheless.



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