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WhatsApp is finally working on allowing to you move chats from iPhone to Android

There’s evidence that WhatsApp will at last introduce a software feature that allows you to transfer chats between the two rival operating systems.

Solving a problem that’s been devilling smartphone switchers for years, it’s been revealed that WhatsApp is finally trying to fix the issue of switching from Apple to Android without having to part with all of your precious chat history in the process.

Whenever you treat yourself to a new phone, one of the top tasks on your list is surely to transfer all your WhatsApp chats over to the new device so that you don’t lose your conversation history (and, more importantly, all those dank memes) that you’ve shared with family and friends over the years.

If you’re switching from one Android or iPhone device to another then there’s no problem at all – simply back up your data to the cloud, and then when you pop your SIM into the new device and restore from the back-up, all your chats should be there waiting for you just as you left them. However, if you decide to change your operating system as well as your phone, then currently you will have to start WhatsApp with a completely blank slate.

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That’s why this fix is such good news, at least from one side of the problem; a new feature named ‘Move chats to Android’ has been spotted by WABetaInfo, and it seems like we won’t have long to wait for it to come to fruition. The software will soon be available to beta testers, and if successful then a wider roll-out will surely follow thereafter. Currently there’s no information as to whether a reciprocal ‘Move chats to iOS’ feature is also in the pipeline, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for good news.


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