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Where can I buy a PS5? How to get your hands on the new console

November 17 is the UK launch date of the PS5 – but there’s so much demand for the new console that it’s becoming hard to find. Here’s our guide as to where you can get your hands on one.

Unless you pre-ordered your PlayStation 5, now is the first time you can buy one – but you’ll have to join the queue! Thousands of people are looking to do the same, and with the consoles selling like hotcakes, it’s very tricky to get your hands on one – the PS5 appears to be out of stock at all major retailers.

Several retailers have experienced serious problems trying to allow customers to purchase the console. GAME announced that their 9am launch time had to be delayed, much to the frustration of many customers:

On top of that, Currys had a website malfunction which allowed customers to purchase the devices before the official 9am launch – and so the retailer cancelled these sales, enraging the early bird buyers who thought they’d beaten the system.

Shortly after these little crises, John Lewis also announced that they’d run out of PS5 consoles, closing off another avenue for purchase:

The console is also out of stock on Amazon UK, which lists it as “currently unavailable” at the time of writing.

While some units seem to be available on second-hand retailers such as eBay, we’d advise you to avoid these due to the grossly inflated sell-on price.

The best advice for now is just to remain patient and to check stock tracking websites such as Stock Informer for a quick overview of availability across all major retailers.

But the good news for those of you lucky enough to have bought or pre-ordered the console is that it’s likely to be a smash hit – Trusted Reviews’ Jade King writes that it is has a compelling user interface, a strong slate of launch experiences and a general ecosystem that embraces what came before it.



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