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Which PS5 game will you be buying at launch?

The cat’s out of the bag now – we finally have confirmation of the PS5’s pricing, release date and most importantly, its launch line-up.

After all, what is a console launch without a stellar array of brand new titles to entice players to begin with? The Nintendo Switch had Breath of the Wild, the original Xbox had Halo and now the PS5 has… well, several titles in fact.

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This time around, Sony’s dropping not one, not two but four first-party exclusives that’ll only be available to play on PS5 (five if you include Astro’s Playroom). With that said, these games will also be slapped with a significant mark-up in price, with most next-gen games going for around £69.99-£79.99.

With that in mind, which game will you be picking up at launch? Have your say with our voting poll below.


It should go without saying that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will probably be the leading launch title for the PS5 where sales are concerned. The superhero’s brand recognition should seal the deal, alongside the love for the original Spider-Man title on PS4.

Still, Demon Souls will certainly scratch the itch for any Dark Souls fans, while Sackboy: A Big Adventure seems like a charming family-friendly title that definitely takes some inspiration from Super Mario 3D World. Destruction AllStars is definitely the underdog, but it could be the multi-player sleeper hit that Sony needs to draw in the streaming crowd.

This is without mentioning the behemoth third-party title that is Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. As a return to the classic Black Ops storyline that engrossed gamers almost 10 years ago, the title might even attract previous players like myself who once enjoyed but have since fallen out of love with the series.


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