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Will you buy an iPhone 12?


Smartphone season kicked off early this year and it’s set move into high gear with an iPhone 12 reveal expected soon. A ton of rumours about Apple’s next flagship have already emerged but have they taken your fancy? Let us know below whether you plan on buying an iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 is looking like it could be an exciting step forward for Apple, with a raft of rumours pointing towards a range of new features. The shiny changes are reported to include a return to the old industrial design of the iPhone 5, as well as the current iPad Pro 2020. There’s also speculation of a snazzy new refresh rate for Apple’s next flagship, some new camera tech and the eventual introduction of 5G to Apple phones (via Jon Prosser).

All that sounds great, right? The iPhone 11 range was a great entry for Apple and it seems like there’s plenty in the tank for this year’s lineup. Nevertheless, we know there’ll be plenty of detractors and with good reason.

Much cheaper phones already have 5G and, according to Fast Company, the same tech won’t be on every model. Moreover, the same goes for refresh rate, iPhone 12 could be a massive disappointment if the tech doesn’t cover the whole range and is at all limited. Then, as Epic Games well knows, you’re locked into using iOS restricting your ability to customise and control your whole smartphone experience. has conducted a pre-launch survey ahead of the iPhone 12. The phone trade-in website found that 41% iPhone users surveyed are intending to upgrade to the new phone come launch, with 25% stating it’s just a maybe and 34% saying they don’t intend to upgrade.

That’s the skinny from iPhone users but we want to hear from the breadth of the smartphone world. Whether you’re an iPhone fanatic or Android stan, tell us below if you’re interested in Apple’s next flagship:



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