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With Razer’s new gaming chair, you’ll probably never leave your house again

Razer’s new gaming chair looks like it will take immersion to a whole new level from the minute you sit down to play.

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a virtual world, the Project Brooklyn concept gaming chair from Razer looks like just the ticket. This incredible contraption has a hidden 60-inch screen that rises from the back of the chair and folds out in front of your eyes to engulf your forward vision, with HyperSense haptics technology embedded in the seat to give you physical feedback.

Somewhat baffling, the armrests are described as “4-dimensional”, in a claim that might have some mathematicians scratching their heads. But with a product as dazzling as this one before our very eyes, we’re not in the mood to ask questions; we just want to get in the chair, and get gaming!

Unfortunately, it’s only a concept for now, and according to Rock Paper Shotgun the finished article is still “a few years away” from completion. That’s a shame because it could have made lockdown a whole lot more enjoyable than it has been.  Once this actually does come out, I’d happily voluntarily confine myself to my home, virus or no virus; and if combined with Samsung’s robot butlers, you’d barely need to get out of the chair. That surely would be the natural climax of six million years of human evolution.

Peripheral gaming accessories like the chair can always elevate gaming to that extra tier of immersion that makes the experience feel far more holistic than just staring at a screen. That’s why we’re big fans of the new PS5 controller too, which delivers sensitive haptic feedback than can even mirror the pitter-patter of raindrops. There’s nothing like feeling transported to a different reality, so we can’t wait to see this gaming chair take shape for real.



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