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Would you wear a wristband that tells your boss how you’re feeling?

A wristband has been created that can inform your boss of your current mood, but we’re not sure there will be many takers.

I don’t think it’s a secret that we’ve not all been feeling at our best over the past year, with many of us confined to our homes and having endured the absence of friends and family for what feels like a lifetime. 

But in case your boss just presumed that you’re having a whale of a time and don’t ever want the party to end, you can now confirm or refute their expectations via a Moodbeam wristband.

This wearable has an associated app and web interface that allows you to communicate your feelings to your superiors; simply press the yellow button to say that you’re feeling happy, or the blue button to say you’re feeling sad (how nuanced).

The bracelets should only be worn by employee’s consent, and as explained, they only report emotion with the specific input of the user; but that hasn’t stopped the internet worrying that it’s only the first step of a plan for corporate domination that will presumably end with us all wearing electric shock collars as we put our microchipped bodies to use in the mineral mines of near-future Mars, in the shadow of Musk towers.

The Twitterati were certainly not impressed; if there was a red button reaction for expressing frothing rage then that would be everyone’s favourite right now.

Albia suggested that even the name of the company implies sinister reprisals:

Others were ready to practice their face-splitting grins to stay on their boss’ good side:

Old-fashioned analogue equivalents were suggested instead of the wristband, ranging from hand gestures:

To something a bit more permanent:

But perhaps the most succinct thought on the subject came from Alex:

Would you wear a Moodbeam wristband to tell your boss how you’re feeling? Let us know in the poll below.



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