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$100,000 for the best texters in the world. Guinness world record smashed.

Phonebills will be less of a worry for sisters, Christina Sales Ancines and Jennifer Sales Ancines, after proving that they are the fastest text typers in the world.

At the LG World Cup grand final, held in New York, the two won $100,000, in our favourite form of currency, a giant cheque. They managed to beat teams from 15 other countries, including the US and last year’s champions, Korea. (No Brits, sadly.)

Also during the competition, the Guinness World record for text-typing was broken by Cheong Kit Au from Australia, who smashed out a 264-character text in 1 minute 17 seconds, beating the previous record by 43 seconds.

The LG Mobile World Cup has grown since its start in 2008 from four countries to 16 this year, and more than 13 million people have now participated, according to the Korea IT Times,

Using LG’s Chocolate BL20 and the LG Town GT350, teams had to be the fastest to type out phrases exactly as they appeared on screen; no mistakes allowed.

The LG phones used don’t appear to be using Swype, but could you imagine their record times if they did?

You can see all the finalists, including the winners, in the video below. Some of them are pretty intense, but for $100,000, we would be too.



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