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12-megapixel camera phone from HTC gets leaked: video shows new Windows Phone Mango update

Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin has done it again; he must have a divining rod for phone leaks because he’s struck again, this time with hands-on video with a new HTC-branded Windows Phone 7.

Packing a 12-megapixel camera; noted in the video, and running Microsoft’s extensively previewed Mango update, Murtazin puts the phone through its paces. Whether this is the HTC Bresson, or the Mazaa– or perhaps even something completely different isn’t certain just yet.

Other features revealed in the video below include a stylised silver trim around the phone-screen- not dissimilar to a current Windows Phone model, the HTC Trophy.

It’s interesting to see HTC go for photography as its USP on this new phone- it’s something that wasn’t necessarily its strongest suit in the past. Thankfully, recent phones like the HTC Sensation have upped the light sensor, resolution, and processing speed to inch HTC closer to the top of camera phones.

We’re also happy to see a Windows Phone model differentiating itself from a crowd of similar handsets, and look forward to more diverse phones in the next few months.

Source: Eldar Murtazin

Via: Phone Arena


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