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14th Feb release for iOS 4.3?

Reports suggest Apple’s next iOS update is due to land on the 14th of February, bringing with it portable hotspot functionality and multi-finger gesture support.

iPhones should be seeing the update around 6pm on the 14th if rumours prove true.

Expect a multitude of improvements to come with the update, best of which is the mobile hotspot which as long as mobile operators allow, will enable you to tether your iPhone wirelessly.

There is also going to be improved AirPlay functions which allow you to send video from the web. Rumours of added video effects have also emerged including things like thermal camera, x-ray and kaleidoscope.

Other less exciting updates include a slightly different approach to text alerts which allow you to choose how many times the phone will ding. SMS will also cause the handset to vibrate four times when set to silent to help highlight differences in alerts.

Find my friends rumours continue with iOS 4.3 said to be bringing the Google Latitude style service to the handset. Essentially location based updates should allow you to check on the whereabouts of whichever friends adopt the service.

The iPad could get gesture support with the update which will allow you to use combinations of finger movements to do different things. Pinching inward for example is said to bring you back to the home screen.

Fingers crossed for the 14th Feb release date, looks to be quite a substantial one.


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