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24 hours to become a Canabalt champion

And the winner is: The man, the legend, Mr Shawn Akey is Recombu’s Canabalt champion. We all bow down to your impressive score of 11212m. You are amazing.

Recently we started playing a game called Canabalt on our iPhones. It costs £1.79 to download to your iPhone (app store link) or you can play for free online at So obsessed are we by this game that we’re hosting a competition over the next 24 hours to crown someone the Recombu Canabalt champion.

To enter the competition tweet us (@recombu) your high score (with a screenshot of the score so we know you’re not cheating) and add #Canabalt24 to your tweet. Competiton ends 20.10.09 at 12:30 (GMT).

The aim of the game is to run as far as possible without hitting an obstacle. Our highest score so far is a humble 2814m, but we know someone who hit 4844m. We’re not offering a big prize – in fact we’re not offering a prize at all – but we will put your name at the top of this article and crown you the Recombu Canabalt champion. Happy jumping.



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