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3D Touch now works on the iPad Pro

With the pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil accessory, the iPad Pro tablet should naturally support Apple’s new 3D Touch tech – but doesn’t. At least, not until now, thanks to a crafty jailbreak.

Apple’s 3D Touch feature allows for presure-sensitive user input, which basically means that you can perform different actions depending on how hard you poke one of Apple’s snazzy new 3D Touch displays. So far Apple has limited 3D Touch support to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which rock these special pressure-sensitive multi-layer screens, but it seems like a natural fit for the iPad Pro too. After all, although the Pro doesn’t boast a pressure-sensitive panel (which would no doubt be incredibly costly), it does support the extremely sensitive Apple Pencil stylus which can also register how hard you prod the screen.

Well, if Apple won’t let us 3D Touch our Pros, someone else will.

British tech whizz Hamza Sood has shown off a nifty jailbreak on his Twitter account, with video evidence of the iPad Pro running with 3D Touch support. His website also lists the code he used, should you wish to replicate his efforts on your own Pro.

It’s unlikely that Apple will give regular Pro users access to 3D Touch any time soon sadly, despite the fact that it’s simple (given some coding chops) to replicate.

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