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3DS gets further high street price cuts

Following Tesco’s price-slashing of the Nintendo 3DS down to just £115, other high street retailers are making their own price cuts, bringing the cost of the Nintendo handheld down to almost half of the original £230 price tag.

Morrison’s is currently the next cheapest option for gamers looking to cash in on the 3DS’ recent sale slump, offering the console for £119.99 for the next ten days only. ASDA comes in third with £134.99, Sainsbury’s and HMV tied-fourth at £139.99, and finally Game, which is selling the 3DS for £144.99 or £154.99 with a bundled copy of the recent Zelda: Ocarina of Time game remake.

The drop in pricing follows five months of poor sales for the 3DS since its UK launch back in March. After initial concerns and complaints about the 3DS’ parallax 3D technology causing eye-strain for players, Nintendo accounted for the handheld’s poor sales by blaming a lack of strong launch games.

The price cuts come just ahead of the launch of the new red 3DS model, which together Nintendo are clearly hoping will make the 3DS a more appealing stocking-filler in the run up to Christmas. But with Sony’s PS Vita handheld now firmly on the horizon, will these price cuts be too little, too late? Weigh in on the discussion on our Facebook page, or tweet us your thoughts on the official Recombu Twitter feed.

Via: NintendoLife


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