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£40K iPhone case made from a T-Rex tooth and meteoric stone

We’ve seen exorbitantly expensive smartphone designs from Stuart Hughes before here at Recombu, but this one takes the cake.

The iPhone 4 HISTORY edition is an iPhone 4 with a back cover that’s made out of meteoric stone – and a tooth from a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. The custom iPhone 4 is priced at £39,995.00 and is available in a limited run of ten.

Katherine Hughes, who made the iPhone 4 HISTORY edition says  “I have worked before with Dinosaur in the past but I wanted to go fierce on this one hence we sort [sic] a tooth, doesn’t come more fierce than that. We then splintered and shaved the tooth into the pre-polished meteoric stone both of which were sort [sic] from Arizona.”

I’m not normally fussed about the excesses of fashion but dinosaur bones should belong in museums, not in the pockets of those with more money than taste.

Maybe it’s because I was crazy about dinosaurs as a young ‘un that I find this so offensive. I could think of a much better use of £40,000. Like a donation to the Natural History Museum for example.

Source: Forbes


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