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4.5″ Samsung Galaxy S2 4G appears in Korea

Exciting whispers out of South Korea this morning: according to a post on Korean site, not only can we in Europe expect a new incarnation of the Samsung Galaxy S2 to appear in September, but we’ve been furnished with some updated specs, to boot.

The authors of the post claim that the new Galaxy S2, codenamed “Celox”, will come sporting a roomier 4.5” Super AMOLED+ touchscreen (versus the current model’s 4.3” display), a Snapdragon processor and a beefed up battery. Other features, like the 16GB of storage and the 8MP camera with LED flash are reportedly set to stay the same.

The next-gen Galaxy S2 also offers support for European-spec 800MHz LTE networks (that’s 4G to you and us) which translates into plain English as super-nippy broadband speeds up to 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up (or will, when 4G networks eventually launch in the UK sometime next year).

Also leaked was a grainy shot of what the new Galaxy S2 handset will look like, showing a similar-looking handset to the current S2, with what looks to be a lighter grey casing and a new, shiny home button. Fact or fiction? We’ll know this September.

Via: SammyHub


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