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4G phone network trials by BT and Everything Everywhere to start in UK this September

The next generation of high-speed data phone networks, LTE (Long Term Evolution), will arrive in the UK this year, with a four month trial in Cornwall.

Beginning at the start of September 2011 and lasting until the end of December, the scheme will be jointly run by BT and Everything Everywhere, and volunteers who take part in the trial will be able to do so for free.

Tom Alexander, CEO of Everything Everywhere, said: “Our ambition is to have the best 4G network and be pioneers in enabling Britain’s superfast wireless future.

“We strongly believe that, by sharing our network and mobile assets in this way, we can make a valuable contribution to the economics of rural broadband services. Our work with BT is providing a test bed for new technologies such as 4G LTE which… has the potential to make a real impact on the way in which we communicate in the future.

“The Government has previously stated its desire for the UK to have the best in class superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015, and we hope to help this vision become a reality.”

4G LTE phone networks are already available elsewhere in the world; the best example being the US, where special 4G phone models are made to get the most out of the high-speed network. Users can expect to reach download speeds of between 2 and 40Mbps.

The scheme has been given a small part of the mobile spectrum to do its testing,which looks set to be auctioned off between phone networks in 2012.

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