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The latest bizarre accessories for the iPhone

De Bethune DBM fob watch case

The iPhone’s ubiquity has lent itself well to accessory manufacturers, big and large. Many (like us) want some protection; the non-glass back seems curiously more prone to scratches and damage than the front.

We also want to have some semblance of individuality, even if we all own the same phone, and a more exotic cases help us do just that. We’ve scoured online stores, Etsy and Kickstarter and here are our esoteric favourites

We’ve also added some other additions to the iPhone, some of which aren’t yet available, but are looking for investment; if you want some Wii-mote controlled Invisible Instruments, you may have to put some money where your mouth is.

First up is this high-end pocket-watch iPhone case, which  pushes the boundaries of both good taste and practicality.

Watchmaker De Bethune has attempted to reinvent the pocket watch, attached to alligator leather, on the back of your iPhone. They believe this, the DBM, “restores fob-watches to their rightful pedigree.” We imagine a moustache somewhere was bristling as those words were first uttered.

The watch itself is hand-wound, and is made of 212 parts-. There is also a power reserve of six days. Does that beat the standby time of an iPhone? On the side you can see the gold-plated volume buttons. It looks like no expense has been spared.

It’s pretty difficult to ignore that the iPhone obviously has its own built-in clock, and ethically, we’re not that keen on the croc skin. No prices on their press release just yet. We expect an eye-brow raising figure.


Via: Slashgear

SigniCASE Bamboo camera iPhone case

Far more ethically sourced, this case is crafted from sustainable bamboo, and lets you pretend your phone is a retro point-and-click shooter.

The model shown is currently out of stock, but makers Signimade expect more in soon, and there are several more models currently in stock.

The Invisible Instrument

The Invisible Instrument pairs together your phone’s touchscreen, accelerometer and a Nintendo Wiimote, to create a maddening range of musical instruments. Connecting both to a PC on Bluetooth, the software does the thinking, and outputs musical sounds depending on which instrument is selected.

Tim Soo, the man behind the project, says that they’ve already programmed several instruments, including a drum set, violin, cello, bass, keyboard, guitar, theremin, and conductor’s baton- able to adjust the tempo of music playing.

At the time of writing, Soo is still short of the $10000 needed to finish the project, but there’s still a month to go, and over 20% was raised in only its first day.


Via: Electric-Pig

Retro cassette cover and stand for iPhone 4

There are several silicon and sticker-based cassette covers for your phone- it’s a pretty easy way to cash in on the retro bucks.

But this offering from manufacturer ThumbsUp comes with a compatible cassette case- which doubles up as stand. Pretty clever.

Etch-A-Sketch iPhone case

We get a bit teary-eyed just looking at this tribute to our childhood. Mimicking the success of the fuller-sized iPad Etch-A-Sketch case, it’s been shrunk to fit your iPhone, but you should still be able to access everything you need through several slots and holes.

It’s officially licenced too, but be prepared to pay to get it sent over from ThinkGeek in the US.


iPhone TV hat

We’ve gone for an “and finally” feel here- if that’s possible.

The ‘As Seen On TV Hat’ (doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue) promises to give you a “personal, private, discrete home theater experience.” It also promises to make you look…well, see above.

We spotted the TV hat at CES earlier this year. Alas, it’s still only available in the US for around £20 ($29.95.)

We’ve watched the video below several times, and we’re still not quite sure whether it’s purposefully awful or not.


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