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A Normal Lost Phone guide: Full walkthrough and password hints

A Normal Lost Phone guide and full walkthrough: We provide puzzle hints and full solutions for A Normal Lost Phone (iOS), a unique story-driven puzzle game out now for iPhone. Here’s our guide on how to crack the game’s passwords and discover the truth behind Sam’s missing phone.

A Normal Lost Phone is already a strong contender for best mobile game of 2017 thanks to its original concept, intriguing and rather emotional story and well-integrated puzzles. The idea is simple but brilliant: you’ve found a lost phone, which you need to fully explore in order to work out what happened to its owner.

You do so by cracking passwords, discovering secrets and communicating with the owner’s friends. And while A Normal Lost Phone concentrates more on story and exploration than it does on tough brain-teasers, some of the puzzles may still stumble gamers.

Here’s our complete A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough, explaining how to solve each of the game’s puzzles. Each puzzle solution begins with gentle hints to poke you in the right direction, followed by a full solution if you’re still stumped.

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A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough: What to do first

Read all of the available texts. These obviously make more sense if read in chronological order.

What we learn:

The phone belongs to a boy called Samuel, who turned 18 today – January 31. This is the same day he apparently lost his phone.

Sam is living with his mother and father in a city called Melren.

On New Year’s Eve he broke up with his girlfriend, Melissa. Melissa was previously suspicious of Sam’s relationship with his best friend, Alice.

On December 21 it was Sam’s father’s birthday.

Samuel’s cousin ran away to join a cult but is now contacting the extended family to invite them to a wedding. Sounds suspiciously normal behaviour for a cultist, right?

Sam was a member of a board games group until December 13, when another member called Lola forced him out, alluding to some kind of horrific secret.

Sam is also member of a book club.

A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough: Getting connected

Looks like the phone is out of credit and not connected to the town’s WiFi network. Tap the WiFi icon at the top left corner of the desktop and then tap Melren. Looks like figuring out the password is A Normal Lost Phone’s first puzzle.

What is the Melren WiFi password? Hints

Hint 1: At least one text message gives you a clue into the Melren WiFi password.

Hint 2: Check out messages from Rachel School.

Hint 3: There’s an app that can tell you the required information.

What is the Melren WiFi password? Solution

The password is Melren’s zip code. You can easily find this in the weather app.

A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough: You have mail

Read emails and download any attachments you find. Check out the photos you just received in the phone’s gallery.

What we learn:

Alice appears to be leaving town, to head to university.

Sam has two accounts with a service called Lovbirds. He also has an account with a forum called Be You.

For Sam, calendar dates are a very significant thing.

Sam’s dad just turned 54.

Sam was offered a music contract by someone called Fiore Vitole.

A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough: Lovbirds

Try getting into Sam’s Lovbirds accounts, ‘Sam-Thing’ and ‘Sam-Thing Else’.

What is the password for the Sam-Thing Lovbirds account? Hints

Hint 1: Read over Sam’s emails with Alice for a clue as to what Sam might use for a password.

Hint 2: Sam apparently attaches a lot of meaning to dates.

Hint 3: What would be an easy date to remember?

What is the password for the Sam-Thing Lovbirds account? Solution

The password is Sam’s birthday, in month/day order. In other words, 0131.

When you’re in, read Sam’s messages by tapping the button near the top. Hmm, nothing too interesting. Looks like we’ll need to hack the Sam-Thing-Else account too.

What is the password for the Sam-Thing Else Lovbirds account? Hints

Hint 1: Although the password for this account isn’t the same as the Sam-Thing account password, it follows the same format.

Hint 2: From Sam’s emails and texts, can you discover another date that is or was special for him?

What is the password for the Sam-Thing Else Lovbirds account? Solution

The password is the date of the ‘book festival’, in month-day format. In other words, 1219.

A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough: VIP

Check out Sam’s messages. He was chatting with someone called Phil_free before he lost his phone. Looks like he was about to send a pic too.

Try following the link Phil_free sent to the Be You forums. Sam is already a member and can access the VIP section, but of course you need to know the password.

What is the Be You VIP forum password? Hints

Hint 1: Looks like it’s numbers only again. Try something you think might work.

Hint 2: Uh oh, looks like we only have two more attempts to get this right! But maybe there’s another solution to this puzzle.

Hint 3: Try two more times and the account is locked. But we can unlock it again by answering a security question.

Hint 4: Perhaps a photo in your emails might help with the security question?

What is the Be You VIP forum password? Solution

If you incorrectly enter a password three times, the forum locks your account and prompts you to enter your father’s year of birth to reset the password. Luckily you can work this out with Melissa’s photo from Sam’s dad’s birthday party (an attachment in one of her emails).

His father turned 54 on December 21 2015, which means his year of birth was 1961.

Enter this and you’ll receive an email with your new password – 096322. Enter this into the password box in the forums and you’ll have access to the VIP section!

A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough: Send a selfie

Why not send a photo to Phil_free, to keep the conversation alive?

Which photo should I send to Phil_free? Hints

Hint one: Well, we know what Sam looks like when he’s dressed as a boy, from one of the previously downloaded photos, right?

Hint two: Phil_free wants to see Samuel as Samira, so we’ll need to find a pic of him dressed up.

Hint three: Check out the photos in the forum VIP section. Any of the people in there look familiar?

Which photo should I send to Phil_free? Solution

Samira has a rainbow tattoo on her left cheek and Samuel’s tell-tale mole on the right.

A Normal Lost Phone walkthrough: Calculate the solution

Aha, now we know that the Transpride festival took place in Covonia. So what can we do with this information?

Well, we know from the VIP forum that Samuel has a fake calculator app, which contains his hidden diary. Accessing that would be the last piece of the puzzle.

What is the fake calculator app’s password? Hints

Hint 1: It’s once again numerical, and something to do with the Be You forum.

Hint 2: Perhaps something related to the Transpride festival?

Hint 3: The solution is similar to the WiFi password we already cracked.

What is the fake calculator app’s password? Solution

We know that the festival took place in Covonia, so head back to the Weather app and find the city’s zip code. 85922. Enter that into the calculator and press ‘=’.

We now know the full story of what happened with Samuel. All that’s left to do is head to the settings and delete all content on the phone. Game over!


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