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Acer gets serious about mobile gaming with its upcoming Predator tablet

Yesterday Acer unveiled a new Predator gaming tablet as part of its commitment to serving serious gamers with serious hardware.

The company pulled the wraps off the new Predator line at its global launch event, which took place in New York yesterday. At this stage in the game, the new product family consists of a gaming monitor, a new tower PC, two gaming laptops and most interestingly, the Predator tablet.

Unfortunately, whilst it was great to get up close and personal with a physical device Acer is yet to decide what internal hardware it’ll actually bring to the table, although we were told that the aesthetics are unlikely to change between now and its intended Q3/Q4 launch later this year.

Naturally a move like this places Acer directly in line with rival devices like the Archos GamePad and at the top of the pile, the Nvidia Shield tablet, which left us mightily impressed when it came in for review at the end of 2014.

Presently the Predator tablet consists of an 8-inch display of unknown resolution, features front and rear-facing cameras of unknown resolution and an angular design that mimics the lines and forms of the other products in Acer’s new Predator gaming family.

Four red speaker grilles placed at each corner of the slate promise serious sound when you choose to game headphones-free and Acer says the device will be capable of delivering haptic feedback; vibrating when your character takes a bullet in the face or your race car drifts around a tight corner – provided the game in question supports the feature.

As you might have gathered, there are a lot of decisions yet to be made about the Predator tablet before we even begin to talk about pricing and availability, but here’s hoping Acer packs it with some serious graphical clout. Nvidia has set the bar high and this tablet will need to surpass, or at the very least match the performance of that Tegra K1 chip if it hopes to leave its mark in the hearts and minds of mobile gamers.


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