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Addictive Flash game Steambirds swoops down on iPhone, iPad and Android phones

Sadly, Steambirds is not a steampunk version of Angry Birds, but a turn-based strategy game that’s (almost) as addictive.

The object of Steambirds is to control the flight paths of fighter squadrons so that enemy planes line up in their sights. For this reason it’s perhaps best described as a more aggressive version of Flight Control.

Originally a desktop-based Flash game from the makers of Canabalt, Steambirds is deceptively simple on a first glance but will soon have you hooked.

In the great tradition of steampunk fiction Steambirds is set in an alternate universe where steam technology is prevalent. This alternative take on the events leading up to and during World War 2 sees the Allies and Axis duelling in the skies in steam-propelled aircraft. And before you ask, yes there are zeppelins.

There’s a local multiplayer version of Steambirds coming out soon; rest assured we’ll be watching the skies for when this drops.

Steambirds is out now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 3.1.3 or later) and costs £0.59. Steambirds HD for iPad is also available at the slightly pricier £1.19.

The Android edition costs £1.25 ($1.99) and works on all iterations of Android. There’s also a free demo of Steambirds available to download from the Android Market so you can get a feel for how the game handles before buying the full version.


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