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Adobe Flash nowhere to be seen on the Galaxy Nexus, coming later?

If you picked up your Galaxy Nexus from the Oxford Street Phones4u on Thursday (and we know you did), then you may have been surprised to find that upon firing up the browser, Flash wasn’t working and you were nagged to go install it. But if you took a trip to the Android Market, you’d quickly discover it wasn’t available. Given that Adobe said last week that they were planning to drop Flash support for mobile devices, is this truly the beginning of the end for Flash?

Turns out that isn’t the case quite yet. Google confirmed to Slashgear that while Flash isn’t available for ICS right now, they expect Adobe to support it in the future.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Flash will be sticking around forever. Adobe will inevitably drop Flash support sometime in the future in favour of HTML5. Flash on ICS might be the last version we see, assuming it makes an appearance at all.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Flash and let you know when (if?) it lands.

Source: Slashgear


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