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Adventure game Riven is the biggest iPhone app yet (we think)

Did you think Wired Magazine, Rage HD and Infinity Blade were whacking great files to download to your iPhone? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Rage HD weighed in at 744MB, but it’s been left in the shade by a new game called Riven.

Well, we say ‘new’ game – it’s actually an old game: the sequel to Myst, which was popular on iPhone when it launched on the App Store.

And get this: Riven’s file-size is a whopping 1.01GB. Which as far as we know, makes it the first iOS app to go beyond one gigabyte in size. No wonder developer Cyan Worlds recommends downloading it on your computer then syncing it across, rather than trying to download it over Wi-Fi direct to your iPhone.

Anyway, fans of the original game will love the all-new iPhone version, which is as faithful as you’d hope. The controls have been updated for touchscreen swiping, obviously, and Game Center achievements have been added too. To be honest, the most impressive achievement is downloading the whole thing in the first place…


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