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Advertising Standards Authority looks to investigate Apple’s iPad 4G claims in the UK

When the new iPad (iPad 3) came to the UK’s shores, they was one distinctive new feature Brits wouldn’t be able to enjoy and that is the addition of 4G mobile broadband to the tablet. In the US 4G rollout means that the new iPad will enjoy faster connectivity, while here in the UK we’ve just got good-old HSPA+. However, due to advertising regulations the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) may be wanting to have a word with Apple’s marketing team over 4G claims in the UK. Reports the Financial Times.

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Around 24 customers have complained to the ASA over confusion that Apple continues to call the device 4G when they cannot use the service here in the UK. Down under in Australia, iPad 3 owners faced the same confusion, which led to Apple offering refunds to anyone that wanted one.

The ASA is considering launching an investigation into the way that Apple has been marketing its new iPad and the Financial Times has interviewed an unnamed leading UK mobile operator about the subject, commenting:

“It was an issue as marketing materials had references to Wi-Fi and 4G,” “We asked them to change it and pushed back relatively hard on the 4G stuff. They normally tell us what to say and when, which is fine as they know their business, but suddenly they talk about the network and it went all wrong. The 4G references are going.”

Many UK mobile operators have declined to use marketing material from the tech giant due to the refernence of 4G capabilities of the device not available in their markets. Even of 4G was available here, the 4G on the new iPad has not been designed to work on the EU 4G spectrum. Apple has updated its uk website following the launch, making it clearer to customers that the iPad’s 4G capabilities will only work in the US and Canada. This may not be enough to evade the wrath of the ASA though and we can only wait to see if an investigation is launched.

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