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Video: Aerosol cap iPhone stand

It’s annoying having to hold an iPhone when you’re watching a video or the BBC iPlayer. You could buy a stand or you could make your own one for free out of an old aerosol cap. Don’t believe us? Watch this video to see how it’s done. Click on the next pages to see what it looks like up close and how it also works as a nifty stand on a bedside table so that you can use your iPhone as a proper alarm clock.

It’s great when you want to kick back on a sofa and not worry about your arms getting tired half way through a film.

We cut the aerosol cap at an angle so that the iPhone faces up a bit, otherwise you would have to angle your head down to see the screen properly.

This is a shot of the back of the stand. As you can see it supports the iPhone well.

There are several alarm clock apps in the app store but to get the best out of a clock app you need to be able to see it. Enter our nifty homemade stand.


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