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Alcatel Tribe: Meh messenger

The Alcatel Tribe didn’t make us jump up and go dancing in the street but it does have its plus points. Well, plus point to be exact. The Tribe, released at the end of September by Tesco Mobile, is taking a square aim at the mobile messaging market.

The Tribe’s main selling point isn’t a good camera, or fancy operating system. No, the Tribe is hoping to lure users into its grasp with good, old fashioned low pricing. At £50 without a contract it’s certainly cheaper than just about every other message-centric we can think of.

For your £50 you get a full Qwerty keyboard, colour screen and widgets for the music player, news and the weather. There’s a handy side-mounted scroll wheel to scroll through messages and an SD slot that holds up to 4GB card so you can store some of your digital media.

As you can tell we were fairly nonplussed by the Alcatel Tribe but it is cheap. If you’re still interested then the Alcatel Tribe is out at the end of the month for £49.99 from Tesco mobile.



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