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Amazon Kindle Fire coming to the UK in January: Price TBA

And just like that, we hear that the Amazon Kindle Fire is due to get a release in the UK, as early as January.

Know Your Mobile has apparently got confirmation from a source at Amazon UK, that the Kindle Fire would be coming out over here, but there’s been no mention of an exact date, nor is there any word of a price.

We’d hope for a price around the £200 mark (or under £170, if it’s going to see off the Kobo Vox eReader) for the UK launch, or at least something that’s way under the prices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom.

Just after we’d heard that the Kindle Fire was set to ‘vaporise’ the Android tablet competition in the US, we wondered how Amazon’s loss-making sale scheme might play over here. There’s (still) no Amazon Appstore in the UK, so the UK Kindle Fire might come with the Android Market bolted on.

But there is the ability to buy books, via the Kindle app, and music through the Amazon MP3 portal, so the Big A will be able to make up it’s loss this way. That said, without Android app purchases to cream money off of, this could mean that the price of the UK Kindle Fire is slightly more.

More on this as and when we get it.

Source: Know Your Mobile


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