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Amazon Kindle Fire sold 6 million units in Q4?

Analyst reports are in and it looks like the Amazon Kindle Fire has taken the tablet market by storm. With predictions from Jordan Rohan, a Stifel Nicolas analyst suggesting the affordable tablet from Amazon has sold 6 million copies in Q4 2011, given that the tablet isn’t even globally available yet, these are some very impressive numbers.

With each Kindle Fire selling in the US for $199.99, a $10 loss is made on each tablet sold. This however is said to average out to a $10 profit after app and eBook purchases are taken into account. The analyst even goes so far as to call Amazon’s customised Kindle Fire OS the third major mobile ecosystem despite it running on Android Gingerbread.

A lone wolf on Wall Street, Rohan appears convinced that Amazon have hit the jackpot with their Kindle Fire model. While others are focusing on the loss each tablet makes,  so confident is Rohan that he has raised his 2012 revenue estimate to $67.2 billion, $1.9 billion above that of the Wall Street consensus.

With the rumoured UK release for January looking increasingly less likely as the days go by, if indeed Rohan’s reports ring true for the Q4 sales, when it finally lands here in the UK, the Kindle Fire should land with a bang. Either way, Amazon will be posting their profits for all to see tomorrow, so whether or not the Kindle model has been as lucrative as suggested will be revealed to all then.

Source: Forbes Via: phoneArena


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