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Amazon Kindle Fire tablet selling 50,000 pre-order units per day?

We may have an answer to why Amazon is being so cagey about releasing its new Kindle Fire tablet outside of the US. According to some newly-leaked sales figures from Cult of Android, it’s because they’re selling around 2000 pre-order Kindle Fire tablets per hour in the States alone. We ran the numbers during our lunch hour, and we can confirm that’s 48,000 tablets per day.

So far, the same sources claim that Amazon have sold a quarter-million of their Kindle Fires, and there’s still around six weeks to go until before it even launches in the States. At this rate, that’s… that’s… loads more Kindles that Amazon will sell before it will have to start shipping tablets to customers on November 15th.

The question the tech world is whether or not the Kindle Fire will have the readies to break the iPad 2’s sales records. We feel like we’re jinxing it just by asking, but 48,000 tablets per day for six weeks is another 1.6 million or so Fires sold by the launch date, assuming Amazon can keep up the momentum. Where do you stand? Could this be the start of a tablet revolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source:, Cult of Android


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