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Amazon Kindle tablet: Called the Fire, looks like a PlayBook?

We’re only a day away from Amazon’s mysterious New York press event, but rumours about the upcoming Kindle Tablet, now believed to be called the “Fire” (see what they did there?) are still crackling online.

First up is the form factor, which we’re hearing is going to be very similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Not only are Amazon also using Quanta Computers, the Chinese company that manufacturers BlackBerry’s PlayBook, to make the Amazon slate, but the wisdom online is that the PlayBook may actually have served as a template for the Fire.

On the content side of things, at least three publishers have reportedly signed up to distribute Amazon Fire content: Conde Nast, publishers of Vogue, GQ, Wired etc.; Hearst, which publish Elle, Cosmopolitan and Esquire; and US-centric publisher Meredith. We’ve already seen iPad editions of select Conde Nast and Hearst magazines (Wired, GQ, Elle), but it looks like their days of iOS exclusivity may be numbered.

All will be hopefully be revealed tomorrow at the Amazon event in NYC. In the meantime, let us know what you’d like from an Amazon tablet – and what it could to topple Apple’s iPad – in the comments below.

Source: SlashGear


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