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Amazon launches app store

Amazon is set to launch its own version of the Android market complete with an array of both applications and games.

Users will be able to download applications from both their desktop PC’s and mobile phones.

Amazon will enforce a strict testing policy on applications similar to that of Google and Apple. Those developers who wish to submit applications for review will be able to via the Amazon App Store Developer Portal.

Amazon will then test and approve applications to make sure “that they work as outlined in the product description, and that they don’t impair the functionality of the smartphone or put customer data at risk once installed.”

Amazon hopes to outdo the already hugely successful Android Market by creating a more complete app shopping experience for customers. In depth information about the application including up to five minutes of video and unlimited pictures will be included with each app page.

The website already has a well established customer base through its online shopping and Kindle eReader so we may see similar success with the companies app store.


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