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Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite: should I upgrade?

Amazon has upgraded its popular Paperwhite e-reader for 2015 and the digital book reader now sports a super-sharp screen, but is it worth a purchase?

Amazon has revealed its latest Kindle Paperwhite model, packing a screen which crams in a mighty 300 pixels-per-inch. That makes the display twice as sharp as the last iteration, offering what Amazon claims is a reading experience just like browsing a real-life paper book.

The Kindle Paperwhite 2015 edition also boasts a new font which will reportedly allow folk to read quicker with less eye-strain, while the new typesetting engine should improve kerning and page layout too. ‘What the motherflip is kerning’ we hear you scream? Well, it’s the process of adjsuting the amount of white space between words, for a more comfortable reading experience. Which obviously we already knew. Ahem.

Amazon’s upgrades are nice and all, but is it worth upgrading to the new 2015 edition of the Kindle Paperwhite if you already own a Kindle eReader?

If you’re planning to move up from an older pre-Paperwhite model, then we’d say this new version is a worthy purchase if you have cash to spare. But if you’ve already got last year’s Paperwhite or the Kindle Voyage, then there isn’t a hell of a lot in this new model to warrant you splashing out another £109 (or £119 without ads).

If you’re a habitual comic book reader then you’ll probably benefit greatly from the improved screen sharpness. The same goes for those after their first ever e-reader; this one looks as though it’d make a great choice, given the screen quality and the high standard of Amazon’s storefront compared to its competitors.

You can pre-order the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite right now from the retailer’s website, and the device will begin shipping around June 30th.


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