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Amazon opens up its Kindle Store in the UK

Amazon has thrown open the doors to its UK Kindle Store, with more than 400,000 e-books available to buy for users here in Blighty.

Previously, people with Kindle e-readers or Amazon’s range of Kindle apps have had to buy their e-books from the US Kindle Store, paying in dollars and requiring a separate account.

Amazon says that it’s launching with 84 of the top 100 UK bestsellers available in the store, as well as more than 170 UK and international newspapers and magazines. 9,000 blogs are also available on a subscription basis.

The launch of the store comes ahead of the release of Amazon’s new Kindle hardware, for which it started taking pre-orders on 29th July.

However, if you’ve already been using the Kindle apps on your iPad, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry handset, you may find that clicking/tapping through to the Kindle Store still takes you to the US version. That’s what I found this morning when I used the iPad app.

It’s seemingly because you’ll be registered to the US Kindle Store. However, if you point your device’s browser to, and buy or download an e-book, you’ll be invited to transfer your Kindle account to the UK store. Once you’ve done this, the button in the app leads straight to the UK store.


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