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Amazon phone boasts glasses-free 3D

Amazon’s first smartphone leaks online, boasting face-tracking cameras to produce a glasses-free 3D effect.

Rumours of an Amazon smartphone have been strong lately, and today gained some serious weight with leaked photos and specs appearing online. The first mobile by the retail giant is said to feature four face-tracking cameras, which help produce a realistic 3D visual effect without the need for glasses.

Amazon smartphone to feature fake 3D

Image source: BGR

The Amazon blower has been heavily disguised in the above shot with a covering frame, but plenty of details on the secret smartphone have also been leaked. Most interestingly, the Amazon phone sports four low-power infrared cameras – one in each corner of the 4.7-inch screen – which track the user’s eyeballs to produce a fake 3D effect.

Apparently several areas of the phone’s software use this 3D effect, including the custom desktops, which resemble those found on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. Users can also tilt the phone to see objects on Amazon’s online store from different angles, and we’re hoping that the tech can also be used to view 3D movies purchased through the store.

Other specs of the Amazon phone include a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. Rumours also point to a 720p display instead of a Full HD screen, which would be surprising given Amazon will no doubt be pushing its online HD content.

Amazon’s smartphone will allegedly drop in June and hit US stores in Q3, hopefully travelling to the UK soon after. There’s no confirmation on price or name just yet. Amazon is also rumoured to be developing a second, cut-price phone which will likely ditch the 3D to ease back the cost.



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