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Amazon looking to make its own smartphone?

It looks as though online retailer Amazon is looking to take their next step into the mobile industry. With the company’s current Android-based tablet, the Kindle Fire, flying high in the US, some may have predicted that they could make the jump to producing a full blown mobile phone, well now it looks as though they are.

Signs picked up by Bloomberg point to steps Amazon are already taking to gear up for production of a new mobile device. In recent months, the company hired Matt Gordon, the former senior director of acquisitions at Intellectual Ventures Management LLC, with whom the company hope they can use to help acquire the necessary mobile patents needed to produce a mobile device without risking (too many) legal altercations.

Chinese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn have also made mention that the Seattle-based company are looking for a firm to produce the forthcoming smartphone with and production is set to start soon.

Amazon are aiming to expand their presence in the mobile space, riding off the back of the Kindle Fire’s success. The Amazon phone would serve as a second content delivery system for Amazon’s wealth of eBooks and other downloadable content. Likely to be running a modified version of Android much like the Fire, Bloomberg suggest that they’re gunning for Apple’s iPhone and if so, expect it to be a particularly high-end device.

The recent launch of Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet also emphasis that now more than ever companies are using own-brand hardware more as a means of content delivery than as a standalone device.


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