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Amazon’s 7-inch Coyote tablet coming October?

Amazon’s rumoured 7-inch tablet, the so-called Coyote is due to start shipping in October this year. According to a report by Digitimes, Quanta Computer which handles production of the BlackBerry Playbook, is rolling the Amazon tablet out of the forges with the first lot due in about a month’s time.

The bigger 10.1-inch tablet, called Hollywood, will be handled by Foxconn, who produced the iPad 2 and also produces the Kindle e-book reader for the shopping giant. Production for the bigger tablet is slated to begin early next year.

Little else is known about the tablets, other than it’s an almost dead cert that they’ll run on Android.

Amazon has launched its own Kindle, MP3 and Shopping apps for Android and even it’s own Appstore. The currently US-only Amazon Appstore sells Android apps, sometimes for cheaper than what they’re priced at in the Android Market. Amazon has also nabbed Android exclusives, as it did with Angry Birds Rio.

Amazon competes with Apple on pretty much every front – ebooks, music, apps – and so selling a range of devices tying all these services together seems like a logical step.

Its rumoured that the 7-inch Coyote will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual core chip, while the next-gen Hollywood will feature the quad-core Tegra 3/Kal-El CPU. We’ve asked Amazon for a comment and we’re waiting to hear back.

Source: Digitimes


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