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Android 4.3 caught running on a Nexus 4

Android 4.3 ultimately didn’t make an appearance at Google I/O despite all the indicators, but that doesn’t mean that the update isn’t out tehre in the wild. An enterprising member of xda-developers managed to shoot some photos and a short video of Android 4.3 running on a Nexus 4 at a recent mobile expo in Thailand. As you might imagine, it’s a Nexus 4 running Android 4.3.

In fact, there aren’t any significant changes that can be spotted from what was snapped on the day. The camera interface looks to have been tweaked ever so slightly, with controls now shifted off to the side, but otherwise there aren’t any significant visual changes or tweaks. The about section of the OS clearly shows Android 4.3 and an updated kernel, though, so this update is definitely happening.

Even the rumour mill has been quiet about features in Android 4.3, so we’re expecting a relatively minor update when it does eventually land. At least we know a possible date: June 10th. Rumours suggest that Google will hold an event to showcase Android 4.3 along with an updated Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.

The refreshed Nexus 7 is said to include a new Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, as well as a higher resolution display and thinner bezel. The new Nexus 4 isn’t expected to be anything special, however. The handset will reportedly see a bump in storage capacity to 32GB as well as gain a new white colour option. June 10th is fast approaching, so we’ll see if Google really does have something in store for us then.

[spotted at Engadget/Droid-Life]


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