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Android app size limit now 4GB – developers rejoice

The Android Market has just increased the maximum size of its apps from 50MB to a generous 4GB in a bid to encourage developers to create larger, more visually impressive apps that take advantage of the ever-improving technology packed under the hoods of top-end Android handsets and tablets.

Specifically, this memory boost targets games. As outlined over at Android’s Developer’s Blog, with the 50MB app limit still in place, now apps can have two expansion packs within the market, each 2GB. Thus far, graphically intensive games have had to install packs stored on developer’s servers through the apps themselves. With Gameloft games such as Backstab and 9mm requiring packs in excess of 1GB, anyone who has installed them will know that it’s a frustrating, hit or miss process this can be.

The addition of in-Market expansion packs will allow games to be downloaded in their entirety via Google’s services, possibly introducing a more stable connection and taking pressure of developer’s servers. As phoneArena point out, this could create some issues with older handsets with limited internal memory, however, on the whole this is a good move on Google’s part that should make for a more cohesive Market experience.


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