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Android beating iPhone in Carphone Warehouse UK sales

Carphone Warehouse’s latest sales figures show that  Android phones are selling more than those running Apple’s iPhone, powered by it’s own iOS system.

Chief executive Roger Taylor told The Guardian that although they didn’t have the figures on Android phones sold, “at some point in 2010 the Android overtook every other operating platform.”

It’s not a massive surprise, given that Apple’s iOS is limited to the pricey iPhone 4, while Android comes in all shapes and sizes. (And prices.)

HTC, Sony, LG, Dell, Motorola, Samsung and ZTE (Makers of Orange’s bargain-priced San Francisco, among others) all offer Android phones, running varying versions of Android.

The breadth of design, functionality and price mean that Android phones appeal to more people. Our top prediction is even more widespread adoption of cheaper smartphones this year.

Many forthcoming high-profile phones will be running on Android, among them both Sony-Ericsson’s PlayStation phone and Arc, Motorola’s dual-processor Atrix, and several forthcoming phones in the Samsung Galaxy series.

The Android Marketplace continues to creep up on iTunes, though it’s still difficult to find what you want in there. Until the iPhone becomes more moderately priced- though plenty will still buy it- we expect the continued rise of Android.

Via; The Guardian




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