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Android could top iOS as most profitable app developer platform

Developers Spacetime studios have released stats that show “daily user activity on Android is more than double its level on iOS in practically every given measure.”

The studio’s Pocket Legends came is downloaded about 9000 times per day on Android compared to that of iOS which hits a maximum of 4000.

A report in Computerworld explains how “Traditionally, Apple has been viewed as the top dog when it comes to pure app dollars. Android is increasingly becoming a prominent part of the equation for many well-known developers – and for some, it’s actually starting to surpass Apple by a significant margin”.

We already know that the Google operating system has overtaken both Apple and RIM in the sales stakes. But it could now be that Android is becoming the go-to platform for developers. Given Apple’s decision to take a controversial 30% cut of in app subscriptions it seems more than likely. Spacetime has also shown that Android exceeds iOS for ad ‘clickability’ almost threefold.

Google appears to be transforming the Android Market into a safe bet for developers seeking to generate money using the platform. Computerworld explains that the need for useability has to be backed up with systems for developers to make a profit, otherwise the design simply won’t come.

Gaming in particular (one of the most profitable elements of Apple’s app store) is now being nurtured on the Android Market.

“Android’s a smaller pond for apps right now,” said Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis. “The support on the Google side has been much more tangible — they’re really trying to nurture the gaming community.”

“Android has become our primary interest.”


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