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Android Jelly Bean for summer 2012?

Jelly Bean or Android 5.0 has just been tipped for a summer launch to compete more directly with Microsoft’s Windows 8. While Windows 8 is expected to land around Q3 2012, if the latest over at Digitimes is to be believed Jelly Bean will get in just ahead with a Q2 launch. The sources behind this latest news are Taiwan based supply chain makers who state that Windows 8 tablet PCs will benefit considerably from being capable of dual-booting between Wiindows 8 and Android 5.0.

More specifically, mentioning Android 5.0’s tight integration with Chrome system functions and alluding to the quick start-up of the Android OS, this ties in well with rumours about Android 5.0 adding another string to Android’s bow, better notebook and netbook support. Being more interchangeable between Windows 8 on tablets would suggest that interchangeability will spread to some notebooks and netbooks.

While we’ve seen Android laptops before from the likes of Toshiba, it hasn’t been until devices like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer arrived that we saw how well the form factor can suit the mobile OS, with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime refining the genre. So are Google trying to beat Windows at their own game with Android over Chrome OS? This looks like the year we’ll find out.


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