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Android Market webstore launched; search for and buy Android apps from your desktop

The Android Market Webstore – the online desktop equivalent of the Android Market – has just been launched by Google. The brand new Android Market demoed at Google’s Honeycomb demo in San Francisco, and is live now.

You’re now able to browse for Android apps from your desktop PC or Mac right now from

Ingeniously, there’s no wires and no syncing-with-your-computer nonsense involved, as (surprise) everything is done through the cloud.

When you head on over to, you’ll see a sign in option top right; sign in here with the same Google Account as the one on your device.

Any apps you buy or click on from the desktop Android Market will automatically be downloaded by your Android phone or tablet. If you’ve logged in to multiple Android devices with the same account, you can specify which of your devices the app(s) get sent to, making the desktop Market a great way to remotely organise your app purchases and downloads.

You can also specify which credit card gets charged when you purchase apps as well, so if you’re lucky enough to have a corporate expense account, you can choose whether you or your boss ends up paying for Fruit Ninja.

This has just been announced at Google’s Honeycomb event which is being streamed live now on YouTube.


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