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Android sees 1580% sales increase between 2009 and 2010

Android managed a massive 1580% sales increase in Europe between Q4 2009 and 2010 according to stats published by IDC European Mobile Phone Tracker.

The Google designed operating system continues its rise to power with recent ComScore stats putting the OS ahead of RIM in the United States.

Could it be that Android is now top of the game? Entirely possible given the operating system’s increasing dominance of the value for money smartphone market.

Android managed only 470,000 units in Q4 of 2009, compared to a now gigantic 7.9 million in Q4 2010. The Android market share also grew exponentially from 4% all the way up to 31% by the end of 2010.

The ComScore figures show Android as surpassing Blackberry and Apple for the first time ever. The gap between them however remains relatively small with only a 0.8% difference in market share. RIM is very much in between devices and operating systems in the US so expect figures to change slightly once new hardware is released. That said, Android just keeps on growing and developers continue to release handsets at an almost unstoppable rate.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 also appears to be on the up with 18% growth year on year. Good news for fans of the new OS which had appeared to be faltering under competition.

“The last quarter of 2010 clearly shows the trends for the coming years in Western Europe. The Western European mobile phone market will be dominated by smartphones and Android will be king of the hill.” said IDC European devices research manager Francisco Jeronimo.

Source: Mobile Today


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